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Rosalie Stollery Architects Pty Ltd

Rosalie Stollery has been practicing since 1979 as a Sydney, North Coast and Byron Bay architect. Rosalie makes a promise to incorporate more than 30 years of experience into each design, creating an elegant, timeless aesthetic and an harmonious living environment that will nurture and sustain her clients. She has a fascination for spatial quality and strives to design spaces that slow us down as they unfold and help to reconnect us with our natural surroundings. Rosalie explores the benefits of pavilion style and courtyard houses incorporating passive solar design and easy indoor outdoor flow into her work. As a Byron Bay architect Rosalie s history as a much sought after designer in Sydney, rural and coastal areas combines to suit the essence of the area . Rosalie has studied feng shui both in China and Australia directly from the old masters making her one of Australia s leading feng shui architects. Her work as a Byron Bay architect benefits from this study through the optimum location and orientation of living spaces incorporated into her passive solar designs which are located harmoniously into the rural and coastal landscape. Her buildings sit with no guilt into the landform.

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