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Byron Bay: An Introduction to Paradise

Here's an interesting fact: Byron Bay is partially located in the erosion caldera of the Tweed Volcano. This means that, 23 million years ago, said volcano suffered such a violent eruption that it formed a crater. After that, the volcano collapsed into the cavity. And, as with many volcanic locations around the world, Byron Bay has since been able to boast with good weather, majestic beauty and beaches laced with pearly white sands. And there's more… read on.

When The Aborigines Came...

Prior to 1770, when Captain James Cook dropped anchor at Cape Byron, the aboriginal people of Australia called the location of Byron Bay, "Cavvanbah". It was a designated place of meeting, where stories would be swapped, goods traded and, perhaps due to the intoxicating setting, marriage partners found.

Subsequent history points to the aforementioned arrival of Captain Cook who bestowed on the most eastern point of mainland Australia a name in memory of a man who had circumnavigated the world and would also be the grandfather of English poet, Lord Byron. As such, in the spirit of tradition, the names of the streets were named after the giants of English literature and philosophy when the area became more populated during the late 1800's.


To avoid confusion it has to be noted that whilst Cape Byron was known as such, the entire area which the aboriginal people, and later also the settlers, referred to as "Cavvanbah" only changed to Byron Bay in the year 1894. In the same year the railway was connected and barely a year later, the Norco Co-operative came into being to cater for the managerial requirements of the dairy industry which, along with fishing, whaling (until 1963), abattoirs and timber became the main industrial production of this beautiful location.

Tourism Today

Perhaps one of the more versatile destinations on the planet today, Byron Bay truly has something for everyone and, unlike most other sandy 'hot spots', even in the winter months. Pristine white beaches, azure waters and blue skies make this the ideal setting for families, friends and even the young, adventurous and daring at heart who take life wave by wave.

Those with an inclination for life spent a bit further away from the water will find solace and excitement in the vibrant cosmopolitan community and all its accompanying varied and creative energies. With cafes, boutiques, galleries, bars, pubs and restaurants available in types that range from bohemian & arty to the luxuriously wealthy, Byron Bay becomes a home a way from home for even the most hardened city slicker.

In conclusion, Byron Bay provides a starting point, a gateway, to a number of other exotic locations in close proximity. Those who’ve always dreamt of swimming with dolphins, discovering the wonders of the oceans by snorkeling in the temperate-tropical waters or even just taking a hike through the sub-tropical hinterland will find that the choice best made, is the one that opens up a world of possibility and experience: Byron Bay.